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Lake Myvatn Nature Baths (Jarðböðin)

Photo credit: Pavel Karafiát / Foter / CC BY-ND
Lake Myvatn Nature Baths (Jarðböðin)
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Hot and relaxing nature baths within stunning surroundings

Jardbadsholar, 660 Mývatn, Iceland
There is a special dining area established at the entrance of the baths. The cafe seems more like a snack bar, so do not expect some high-quality gourmet experience there.

However, cafe Kvika has a rather varied selection of salads, soups and sandwiches which is enough to re-gain the energy and strength after such relaxing time in nature baths.

One thing Iceland is so famous for surely is its amazing hot springs and nature baths that have been favored by both locals and vacationers for over a hundred years.


If you find Blue Lagoon too crowded, expensive or you simply would like to explore northern Iceland more, then Lake Myvatn Nature Baths is a good choice.


When traveling around Iceland you will probably notice and enjoy some smaller natural hot springs, but this natural bath is more extensive and it has been suited and equipped for visitors to have high-quality comfort and relaxation. The water contains high-levels of various minerals which are not only good for the health, but also keep the water clean from bacteria and any vegetation.


There are also two buildings of steam-baths built by the natural bath. The steam baths are placed right on top of the geothermal spots. providing a sulphur-free steam, which is good for the respiratory system. Moreover, it is also possible to book massage services on the spot. The length of massages varies from fifteen minute-long massages in baths to ninety-minute full body massages.


Not only the baths themselves are remarkable, but also their location is pretty significant as the Lake Myvatn area is quite stunning – formed by lava fields, old volcanoes and pseudo-craters. The now famous Askja Mountain is also close. Dettifoss – the most impressive waterfall in Europe – is located just few minute drive away from Lake Myvatn Nature Baths.


Opening hours

June 1st - August 31st:
9:00 – 24:00
Entry no later than 23:30

September 1st - May 31st:
2:00 – 22:00
Entry no later than 21:30

How to get there

Walk: The nearest village is Reykjahlid and from there you can reach the baths on foot if you do not own your private vehicle. In that case, you have to follow Hlidarvegur and walk the gravel road until you reach the main road. After some 500 meters there will be sign saying "Jardbodin" which is the same Lake Myvatn Nature Baths.

Drive: If you do have a car, then take road number 1 and after three kilometers there will be a "Jardbodin" sign, where you need to take the turn right.