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Las Coloradas

Photo credit: / Eduardo Avaroa / CC BY
Las Coloradas
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A multi-colored beach on the Gulf of Mexico

Las Coloradas, Tizimín, Yucatán, Mexico
Few restaurants, but the few they have offer great seafood.
After Coloradas Beach, head over to Río Lagartos for a truly amazing jungle adventure.

You’ve probably heard of Lake Retba in Senegal or perhaps you’ve read about Australia’s Pink Hillier Lake. But have you ever heard about this beach in Mexico? Probably not. Don’t worry – most people haven’t, either.


About a three hour drive away from Merida, you’ll find Las Coloradas, a beach whose waters aren’t only pink – they are also yellow, orange, green and turquoise, giving you very vibrant options on where to dip in and enjoy a swim.  The water’s colors are the result of algae and high salt levels.


“Las Coloradas” can be translated into “The colored ones” – a perfect name for this unspoiled place. It remains practically untouched due to its unpopularity and lack of tourism infrastructure. Head there and you are likely to almost get the beach entirely for yourself – your only company will be pink flamingos casually walking around, making the sight even more colorful. To top it off, the beach and lakes are surrounded by white salt mountains.


The beach itself is a fishing port and is a key location for Mexico’s salt production. It is located close to Río Lagartos, which is a natural reserve famous for its incredible bird watching.


Since tourism isn’t common here and only a bit over a thousand people live in the town – very few restaurants are available and there are no hotels, so you will have to head to Río Lagartos, Merida, Progreso or any other city nearby afterwards.


Do not miss this place if you find yourself in Mexico. It is a true gift from nature and only a few similar, but much more crowded places around the world exist.

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