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Living Tipis

Stay in tipis in the middle of beautiful nature

Please note that it is forbidden to consume drugs or alcohol here

Located an hour south of Mexico City is Living Tipis is the perfect place to relax and rejoice in the calmness of the nature around you.


Located nearby is La Puerta de Quetzalcoatl, considered sacred by the indigenous people in the area. This gigantic door is believed to be an inter dimensional passage and where Quetzalcoatl brought seeds from so crops could grow.


There are five beds inside every tipi and it costs $150 pesos per person, per night to stay. You can also opt for a private tipi for two, and you’ll be paying $350 pesos per tipi. Many of the tipis were painted by indigenous children from a nearby school


Activities include Temazcal ceremonies, walks to sacred and historical places, massages and more.