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Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia
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The beautiful capital city of Slovenia.

Ljubljana Tourism
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Many different restaurants. Try traditional cuisine, like Kremšnita, Prekmurska gibanica (Over Mura moving cake), Potica, Kranjska klobasa and Slovenian wines.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. It is also the biggest city in the country, although it is quite small if compared with other European capitals, with no more than 300,000 residents. But don’t let that fool you, the city has a lot to offer and many visitors are surprised to see the similarities between Ljubljana and the beautiful Prague.


Interestingly, Ljubljana’s first inhabitant was the Ljubljana Dragon. Legend has it, the Greek Argonauts fought and defeated him on their journey back to Greece. Ljubljana, which is surrounded by marshland was later home to the Ljubljana Mershes, simple settlers who lived in wooden dwellings. Few centuries after them, the Romans settled here and build quite a big town, which they named Emona. In 2014, Ljubljana celebrated 2000 years since the establishment of Emona.

In later centuries, Ljubljana was under many different rulers and went through better and worse times. In the 13 century, when Ljubljana was granted the city rights, the growth and richness of the city began. It had gone through a lot of changes since then and it is now a unique city with many different architectural influences and remains from different historical periods.


Ljubljana ChristmasToday, Ljubljana is becoming more and more recognisable among tourists from all over the world. It is small enough to see the main attractions in one day, but at the same time, it has a lot to offer and you won`t be bored if you stay here for a few more days.



Many interesting adventures await you in the city and its surroundings. Make sure to visit the Ljubljana Castle. Take a walk alongside Ljubljanica river and cross all the bridges over it! Do some sightseeing, but do not forget to take time to try some fine Slovenian wines and traditional cuisine in the old historical town.

You can take a walk to the most famous Plečnik buildings, discover the Art Noveau or Baroque Ljubljana. Take a tour to numerous churches in the area or get to know all about the national history in many interesting historic houses and collections.

For the nature lovers, the best trips are the Tivoli Park with the tropical Glasshouse, Ljubljana Botanic Garden, ZOO Ljubljana and Rožnik hill, to name just a few.

Main sights in Ljubljana:

  • Triple Bridge
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Ljubljana Castle
  • Prešeren square
  • Central Market
  • Congress square
  • Robba Fountain
  • Town Hall
  • National Gallery

How to get there

You can come to Ljubljana by airplane, train, car or bus.

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  • Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia
  • Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia
  • Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia
Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia