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Llama Trekking,Schindellegi, Switzerland

  • (no stars)
  • 1-2 km
  • High
  • 3 hours

Great way to hike with children

Schindelweg 2 3770 Zweisimmen, Switzerland
Picnic included with purchase

There are so many places for you to enjoy the great outdoors and hike away the weekend when you are in Switzerland. Llama Trekking however, is by far the most creative and experiential ways you could do it when you have children along. The whole idea is you to take the llama on the trail with you and explore the countryside that way. Not much different from going on a horse except that you can’t ride the llamas and you walk alongside them all the way to and fro. Still, it is a great experiential treat and a different way to take in the outdoors. There are many of such programs around Switzerland so you could pretty much do it from any location and in any seasons. The llamas are just about the most patient and gentle animals you could ever deal with. Anyone, including children can handle their animal without ever worrying that it could go crazy on you. The Llama trekking is particularly great because you can turn it into a weekend event by combining it with an overnight stay on the Llama Farm! Unless you live nearby, then it is best to make a weekend out of it

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