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Ludosko Jezero

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Beautiful natural lake

12 km east of Subotica and 8 km east of Palic
Some of restaurants with local and international cuisine in Subotica and Palic

Ludosko Jezero (387ha area, length of 4 km) is second largest lake in Northern Backa, located at the contact of two natural-geographical units: Subotica-Horgos sands and Middle Backa loess plateau, 12 km east of Subotica. Lake window was created about a million years, so it is scooped out by wind and prevented the still water runoff, stopping among the sand dunes. From time immemorial, the diversity of the living space of the lake and its surroundings provide a home to a very rich flora and fauna. This ancient beauty of the coastal vegetation keeps the mouth of Kiskőrös, where reeds are bordered by the lake edge, in the spring are growing yellow irises. The highest value of coastal salt marsh is plant green sea trident.

Opening hours

Every day 00-24

How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Novi Sad, exit Subotica and by road to Ludosko Jezero