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Unique architecture in the highest village in Bosnia

Village Lukomir, Municipality of Konjic
Refreshments are offered by locals

Lukomir is a mountain village located on the southern slopes of Bjelasnica Mountain. The village stands at an altitude of 1,495 meters above sea level, making it the highest village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is believe that the village was inhabited hundreds of years ago due to the mysterious monuments found in it. Today, the village is the home of shepherds due to the extremely rich pastures in the mountain. Throughout the years, the shepherds built small settlements which developed and grew as they years went by.

During winter, the village can only be accessed using skis or by walking.

Recently, the village’s economy has began to thrive on tourism, so its recidents have made an effort to make it a cosy place for its visitors by selling meals, coffee and cheese. In 2010, the village’s first lodge for tourists was built.

The movies “Gluvi barut” (Silent Gunpowder, 1990) and “Nebo iznad krajolika” (Sky Above the Landscape, 2006) were filmed here.

Opening hours

Open 24/7, except on winters.