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"Maglic-7k". Licensed under Јавно власништво via Викимедијина остава.
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Medieval fortress in the Ibar gorge

Maglič Tvrđava 36341 Bogutovac, Kraljevo

Maglic is a medieval fortress located in the Ibar gorge, 20 km south of town Kraljevo. It is located on a hilltop, surrounded by the Ibar River. Flat plateau on which the fortress was erected rises some hundred meters from the bottom of the gorge.
The fortress is made of the thick walls, has seven towers with height of ten meters while the main (dungeon) tower is height of about 20 m. The main gate is located on the north side of the fortress. The interior of the city is divided into two courtyards: the small one, and large, where are the remains of palaces, church of St. George, and several buildings, as well as the remains of the bakery and two water tanks.

Maglic fortress is one of the best preserved medieval fortress in the Serbia. It was renovated in the recent years. Because of its elevated position, the fortress draws attention of passengers who pass by the Ibar highway.

Opening hours

09:00 -18:00

How to get there

By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Cacak-Kraljevo, exit Kraljevo and by road to Maglic, 20 km south of Kraljevo