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Magurata Cave
Magurata Cave
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A beautiful cave with unique prehistorical rock drawings

Magurata is not only one most beautiful caves in Bulgaria, but it is also a place where you can see unique prehistoric rock drawings made by Bulgarian ancestors thousands of years ago.

This is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria but during your tour with the guide you will be able to see a relatively small part of it. However, you will be able to enjoy enough of beautiful and interesting rock formations which nature has been creating for a period of approximately 15 million years.

Do not miss to visit the hall with the rock drawings. There is an additional fee for entering inside but you definitely should see it. The gallery with the drawings is located 200 meters away from its entrance. There are around 700 drawings here with religious and hunting scenes and they are pretty intriguing because they show the life of the prehistoric people. The oldest drawings here are considered to be around 7000 years old.

The drawings were made in different historical periods and the inhabitants of the cave sometimes added new pictures among the old ones, because there was place for drawing there. So, on the walls you can see traces from many generations with slightly different cultures and ways of living.

The cave has a main gallery and three side branches to the left. There are many interesting halls here and the main ones are the Triumph hall, the Bat hall, the Hall with the drawings, the Stalactones hall, the Sun hall and others. The biggest hall is the Triumph one with a length oh 128 meters, a width of 58 meters, a height of 28 meters and an area of 5720 square meters.

In one of the halls of the cave there is a production of a champagne wine on a classical French method. The manufacture is handmade and individual for every bottle. The wine is kept three years in the cave on a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. A bottle of this wine will be the perfect souvenir or a gift for someone because this is a unique and high-quality product. Another perfect souvenir would be a magnet or a post card with the rock drawings on it. These drawing are the thing that makes this cave unique and really interesting.

‘Magurata’ cave is the most significant bat habitat in the whole Southwest Bulgaria. 8 bat species inhabit it and two of them are included in the World Red list of endangered species.

I visited the cave while I was on a tour to the Belogradchik rocks because the two attractions are close enough to each other. There were not enough direction signs in those years and we took the longer way to the cave because we could not find the short one. However, nowadays there plenty of directions signs, so it will not be hard to find it at all.

Even if it is a hot day inside, remember that this is a cave and the temperature inside is less than 15 degrees Celsius. So, take some warm clothes with you. Also, you need solid shoes because some of the rocks inside are wet and slippery. The tour guide told us that some tourists come with flip-flops or sandals but I do not advise you to be one of them. You will feel cold with such footwear and it will be difficult to walk like that. Also, there are stairs in the cave and you need comfortable shoes for them.

The exit of the cave is not close to the entrance, so there is a tourist train to transport you back to the parking. When you exit the cave you will see the Rabishko Lake which is the only one tectonic lake in Bulgaria.

The cave is one of the 100 National Tourist Sites and it is really a unique place to visit. There are also different various attractions in this region, so you can visit them, too.

Opening hours

Winter: 9:00 - 15:00
Summer: 9:00 - 16:00

How to get there

The cave is located 25 km from the town of Belogradchik. You need to ride on the road to the Rabisha village.

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  • Magurata Cave
Magurata Cave