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One of the two beaches that make up the Costa Maya

Mahahual  is one of the two small villages that make up the Costa Maya, the other one being Xcalak. This used-to-be hidden fishing village is today thriving as a tourist center. Today, the beaches are filled with restaurants, bars and shops to fill your needs. Note that Mahuahal is not for those looking to spend a relaxed time away from the crowds as it has become a popular cruise ship destination. If you are re more of a traveler who prefers silence, then you can opt for other beaches around the Quintana Roo area such as the ones in Isla Contoy.




How to get there

From Cancun by bus: From the airport, "ADO" buses leave daily at 15:15 and this is a direct bus ride right to Mahahual.

If the timing does not fit your schedule, you must take another route which is not direct. Firstly, you must take an "ADO" or "Mayab" bus to Limones. Once in Limones, many buses leave daily directly to Mahahual.

From Tulum: Take a direct bus with "ADO" buses at 17:50.

Alternatively, if the previously mentioned time does not fit your schedule, you must take a bus from "mayab" lines to Limones and from there take another bus to Mahahual.

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