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Mali Grad Castle

Mali Grad Castle
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Are you brave enough to visit the castle of legendary Veronica?

Mali grad
1241 Kamnik
Visit Mali grad castle in the summer or as part of arranged tour and you will be able to see the interior.

Mali Grad Castle did not survive to this day, as only the chapel of St. Eligius on the Mali grad Hill can be seen today. Many excavations took place here. It is now presumed the magnificent castle that stood here was built more than 1,000 years ago.


The chapel is supposed to be from the 10th or 11th century. Since built, it was renovated many times, in more or less traditional art styles of different historic eras.

Baroque frescoes in the chapel are works of Janez Potočnik, while the chapel is also painted with some gothic frescoes. The tower on the Mali grad hill is actually a reconstruction of a city fortress from the 16th century.


Mali grad hill is just high enough to offer great views over the city and the surrounding mountains. The chapel can be visited only by a local guide during winter months. While on summer months, a Tourist Information Point is located in the Mali grad hill and the chapel is open for visitors.


Although it is still not known exactly how the castle looked in its original structure, there is no doubt that it was a magnificent building. It was actually so magnificent that only the most cruel and arrogant princess could live in it.


Legend about Veronica
At some point in time, when Kamnik was a glowing medieval town, with its own princess and hard working citizens, there were three brothers in the town. They all just became priests and it was time for their first mass.

The citizens loved the brother and they wanted to build a new church which would be big enough for them to have a mass together. As they did not have enough money to build it, they went to the princess, Veronica, and begged for financial help.

Veronica become so mad when she heard their begging that she yelled with the most unpleasant voice: “How dare you come here asking for money! How dare you?! Snakes!” In rage she stumped her foot into the ground.


As soon as her foot hit the ground for the third time, Veronica transformed into a hideous half woman, half snake monster. Angry, she crawled away, still screaming and cursing the citizens. All of the sudden, the ground opened and Veronica disappeared into the undergrounds. But just before she was lost forever, she managed to hit a rock next to her so hard that the Mali grad castle was demolished!


It is said all the money Veronica once hid in the castle was never found and that Veronica still looks after it in the underground. The entrance into Veronica’s cave is still seen today, marked with a huge rock with Veronica’s fist clearly visible next to it.


Veronica is no doubt the most recognisable character of Kamnik, and her half woman, half snake body can be seen on the city’s coat of arms. Some citizens are still convinced they saw her wandering around the forests surrounding Kamnik, waiting for someone to come and save her.

Opening hours

In the summer.

How to get there

Mali grad is located on a short hill just at the beginning of the town Kamnik.

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Mali Grad Castle Mali Grad Castle