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Manasija Monastery

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Medieval Serbian monastery from 15th century

Monastery Manasija, 35213 Despotovac
The closest restaurant and place to rest is hotel Resava, approx. 2 km away from monastery. Here you can try typical Serbian dishes and maybe take a rest, in one of the hotel rooms.
There is no entrance fee for the Monastery. However, you can buy some souvenir in souvenir shop that is located on the right side of the entrance.

Manasija or Resava Monastery is one of the most important monuments of Serbian medieval culture. It is one of the last monuments of the Serbian medieval culture, built in Morava architectural style. The monastery is endowment of despot Stefan Lazarevic, one of the most important rulers of Serbia in medieval time. It is situated by the Resava brook, close to town Despotovac. The construction of the church and fortification started in 1407. and completed in 1418. The monastery church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.


The whole monastery complex is surrounded with impressive walls with 11 towers that served in defense.


Although only a third of the frescoes are preserved, they represent one of the greatest achievements of medieval art. On the preserved frescoes we can see the monumental depictions of warriors and the prophets pictured in the dome, as well as the depiction of Despot Stefan Lazarević presenting a model of the church to the Holy Trinity.


Within the monastery complex once stood library. The library housed a scriptorium in which numerous books were copied for church use. The so-called “Resava orthography” was greatly valued and was to influence later scribes for some time to come.


Opening hours

09:00 – 17:00

How to get there

Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Svilajnac and by road to Despotovac next 30 km