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Mandrea Music Festival

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A festival held in the middle of a hidden valley in the Italian Alps

Local Italian food is offered on site
Earlybird tickets
Full festival (5 days) - Adults: €87 / 14 - 18 years old: €44.00
3 days: €74
2 days: €60.00
1 day: €15 - €20

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Held on Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, in-between a gorgeous hidden valley at the foothills of the Italian Alps, the Madrea Music Festival is dedicated to bringing together vibrant performers of reggae, african beats and more.


Aside from the unique music, many daytime activities are offered including climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, swimming, hiking, yoga, lake swimming, performing arts, workshops and more. In addition, scrumptious Italian food made by local farmers is offered on site to ensure you won’t go hungry.


About the festival’s location

Arco is the town where the festival is held and it could not be more perfect to be the festival’s home! Aside from the famous rock of Arco, the turquoise-colored Garda Lake and the lush limestone cliffs that surround it, there is also an ancient castle located on top of a hill.

How to get there

From Verona International Airport, take a bus to Verona train station. From the train station, take a train to Rovereto. Once in Rovereto train station, you can take a bus to Riva del Arco - Garda