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Mangart Mountain

Mangart Mountain
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Mangart Mountain is the third highest peak in Slovenia. Extremely picturesque place with a possibility to arrive by car

Julian Alps, between Slovenia and Italy
It would be better to take some sandwiches with you, the place does not offer any gastronomic attractions. After visiting, stopping in a cozy restaurant with domestic food in some of the villages nearby is highly recommended.
No special equipment or training need to be taken before visiting Mangart, it is also suitable for a family trip with children.
Still is recommended to keep in mind that some signs of oxygen lack may appear, so try not to be very active physically some time upon arrival, give yourself time to get used to.
5 eur road fee

Mangart (or Mangrt – people are not sure yet how is should be called) is the third highest mountain in Slovenia with the height exceeding 2600 m, located between Slovenia and Italy. Even you are not an athletic type, please do not hurry up pressing back sign in your browser – Mangart is ready to surprise you.


Visiting Mangart mountain is a kind of unique experience in Slovenia because you can get as high as 2 072 m in a comfort of your own car, and it will be the highest road in Slovenia. Should I mention once again an unforgettable beauty of scenery you’ll see? The road will lead you to a kind of a valley called Mangartsko Sedlo, or Mangart Saddle in English.


Why visiting Mangart and what to do?


  • If you are a nature lover, just walking, enjoying astonishing views, picnicking with your company;
  • If you are a photographer: don’t miss your chance to take a photo of the most beautiful mountain view in Slovenia;
  • If you are looking for sport and extreme activities – Mangart is also more than a right place to be.


An unforgettable experience would be paragliding at Mangart. At Bovec, a small cozy town some 15 minutes drive from Mangart, a variety of tourist agencies are offering highly professional organisation of paragliding experience for beginners and professionals.


The other challenging activity at Mangart is biking tour, individually or with an organised group, which also can be arranged in Bovec. By the way, if you are planning your trip beforehand, it is advisable to contact a couple of such agencies prior to arrival and book your place. You will be able to choose route length and effort. How about getting to Mangart Saddle (2072 m height) by  bike?!


And finally, winter at Mangart offers something fantastic for everyone regardless their age and physical conditions: a part of Mangart road becomes…a toboggan run! Another huge reason to plan your Christmas and New Year vacation, isn’t it?

Opening hours

24 hours, though you should keep in mind that the time for visiting is first half of the day

How to get there

Follow the main road Bovec - Predel towards Italian border, turn right following the sign "Mangart"