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Maribor is the 2nd largest city of Slovenia

Maribor, Slovenia
Use a train to get to Maribor from Ljubljana - it’s comfortable and not so expensive.

Maribor is the 2nd largest city of Slovenia (after country’s capital Ljubljana), located in north-eastern Slovenia. It is the capital of Štajerska (Lower Styria) region.


River Drava separates the town’s districts. There are 6 bridges which connect different districts: 4 road bridges, 1 railway bridge and 1 bridge for pedestrians.


Maribor has around 100 000 inhabitants and 41 km² of total area, so it’s a pretty small, calm and cozy place.


Why is it worth visiting?


Maribor has its own “face” and it is a unique city in a way.

It’s in a breathtaking location, between wine growing hills and Pohorje’s slopes.

Old town core is stunning with its streets and squares, combining historical breath with modern energy and it is pleasingly charming, especially during a holiday or festival time.


At Main Square of Maribor, there is a noticeable monument – The Plague Column, great example of the baroque style in Slovenia. The memorial was built as a gratitude of the end of a 1680 plague epidemic, but the current monument is a replacement from 1743 instead of original one. Townspeople used to come to this monument and pray to six saints, standing around the column, wishing for intervention. Except for The Plague Column at Main Square, you will see a building of the Town Hall.


One of the most famous sights in Maribor is a Maribor Castle. Maribor Castle is a baroque mansion that was built in the 15th century. Currently, there is Maribor Regional Museum.

Address: Grajska Ulica 2, 2000 Maribor.


Take a walk along Drava’s embankment and enjoy picturesque views all around you.


Judgement Tower,  Franciscan Church,  Maribor Synagogue, Water Tower and Betnava Castle, Maribor University, City Park and City Aquarium – all these places you can add to your list to visit.


People who prefer active rest can easily go from Maribor to Pohorje slopes to ski in winter, and in summer Pohorje is a perfect place for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers. To get there you will need a bus, taxi or a bicycle. And those who care about their health can go to Terme Maribor. The temperature of thermal water is 26-32 degrees.


Don’t forget to visit the oldest part of Maribor – Lent and admire the “Great-great-grandvine”, tenderly named by local people. About 440 years old Žametovka grapevine, growing outside of the Old Vine House, was recorded in Guinness World Records as the oldest grapevine in the world!

How to get there

By train, by bus or by car - around 1.5-2 hours from Slovenian capital Ljubljana.
Maribor has a bus connection with other Slovenian towns and with Croatia, Austria, Serbia and other countries by regular bus services.
There is also a good train connection with Zagreb and Rijeka (Croatia), Vienna and Graz (Austria), Budapest (Hungary) and Venice (Italy).

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