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Market Square in Wroclaw

Photo credit: amanderson2 / Foter / CC BY
Market Square in Wroclaw
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The place the magic of Wroclaw is concentrated.

Rynek, Wrocław, Poland

Wroclaw is one the most beautiful cities of Poland. Though it has much in common with other cities of the same age, there is still something special that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The Market Square of Wroclaw is the very heart of the city, and is the second largest square in the country – leaving the first place to Krakow.


The square started in the first part of the 13th century with the appearance of the market on this place. In about a century the citizens began building their homes around the market. Gradually they surrounded the square from all sides. During the World War II many buildings in the city were ruined, including those in the Market Square. That’s why the local authorities had to restore the original architecture of many of them, especially those in the very center.


When you get to the square, the first thing you see is a huge place surrounded by various houses. In the very center there is the Old Town Hall and several other buildings that look like a single whole. But when you get closer, you discover a real small town inside the square. You can even find several tiny streets that separate the buildings.
Along the edges of the square there is a vivid palette of multicolored houses, where none is like other. These baroque, gothic and renaissance luxurious buildings previously served as a place to stay for governors. Now they host cafes, hotels, shops and restaurants.


Sights on the place
The Old Town Hall is one of the most beautiful and old buildings and now is considered to be a symbol of the city. It looks magnificent especially and even solemnly in the night. The pillory originating from the 15th century is in front of the Town Hall. At the beginning it used to be wooden, but now it is made of stone. There is a statue of a medieval hangman on the top of it. Now it attracts many tourists – though previously the citizens used to steer clear of it.
The Glass fountain is a work of contemporary art. It looks like a panorama of mountains with flushes and highlighting. It is said to be built in honor of Wroclaw major Bohdan.


Transport connection
About a century ago one could get directly to the square by a tram, but today the whole place is only for pedestrians. To get to the Market Square of Wroclaw now you need to get of the tram and walk for a while. And most likely you’ll find there some festival and entertainments ready to make your holiday a sheer pleasure.

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