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Marsella Beach

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Explore one of San Juan's unknown beaches

Playa Marsella, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua

Playa Marsella is one of San Juan del Sur’s most beautiful beaches and it is rather unknown. The beach is located 9 kilometers north from San Juan, same direction as Playa Maderas, at the Pacific coast. Actually, the beach lies right next to Playa Maderas, but there is no walking connection between the two beaches. It is a long, white sandy beach, far less crowded than the common beaches around the area.

The view from Playa Marsella is dominated by a small rock formation, situated in the bay in front of the beach. Playa Marsella is lined with smaller and bigger summer houses, which fit in the environment. The bay is surrounded by lush green nature during rainy season. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the forrest, observe howler monkey, birds – you may even spot Nicaragua’s national birds, the Guardabarranco – and look for sea turtles at the beach. There is also a river mouth at Playa Marsella, where you can observe even more birds and search for the crocodile family, which lives there since years.

Sometimes it is even possible to surf at Playa Marsella. However, the more common surf spot in the neighbourhood is Playa Maderas. Playa Marsella is the perfect beach for a relaxed day, long walks and refreshing swim in the blue ocean. At Marsella you will also find a small port, from where you can organise small fishing trips with local fishermen. Or you just charter a boat in order to explore hidden beaches, you would not be able to reach otherwise.

How to get there

Take a shuttle to Playa Maderas and get off at the intersection to Playa Marsella. From there you have to walk about 1km. As an alternative, you can take a direct taxi to Playa Marsella.