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Mataruska Banja

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Mataruska Banja
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Popular spa centre

Dr. Dragutina Gvozdenovica, 36201Mataruska Banja

Mataruška Banja spa is located in the central Serbia, on the right bank of the Ibar river, 180 km from Belgrade.
The mineral water springs, with a temperature of between 42 and 51°C, are rich in sulphur.
Water of the spa is used in treatments of rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases,
neurological diseases, diseases of the peripheral blood.
In the spa there are facilities for sports training, conferences and school excursions.
Nearby mountains Stolovi, Čermerno and Troglav are havens for hiking and walking, while the Ibar river has facilities for fishing, swimming and rowing.
In the vicinity of Mataruška Banja there are several important cultural and historical attractions such as the Zica and Studenica monasteries and the medieval town of Maglic.

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How to get there

By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Lazarevac-Gornji Milanovac-Kraljevo-Mataruska Banja