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Magens Bay

Danielle Fenstermacher
Magens Bay
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Relax on one of the world's most beautiful white sand beaches

Magens Bay, Saint Thomas
There are concession stands at the beach for food and beverage purchases.
Renting the kayaks and sunfish is a bit pricey so come prepared or plan for other activities.
Adult $4.00
Children 13 years & over $2.00
Children under 12 years Free
Vehilcle Parking $2.00 per car

Magens Bay in Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The bay is so deeply inset, and the water consequently calm (typically), that you almost feel as though you are relaxing along a large lake rather than the ocean! The sands are white and beautiful.


Should you decide you want to take a break from the water’s edge, the mile long section of white sand beach is also part of a larger park. In the more than 60 acres of park, you can find coconut groves, mangroves, and a nature trail. If you feel like roughing it, there is a campground. Though how rough can it be when you are steps away from a white sand beach?!


Don’t worry if your swim suit didn’t make it into your bag, there is a shop selling suits at the beach. You can also rent beach chairs here if you prefer not to lay in the sand on your towel. Snorkeling isn’t too great here as the bay is a mostly sandy bottom, but there is still sea life to see if you want to spend time under the water. You might find it more enjoyable to hang out on the water though so consider renting a kayak or sunfish.


When you’re ready to head back to your hotel, there are restrooms and changing areas for your convenience.

Opening hours

8:00 - 17:00

How to get there

I took a taxi to get to the beach which is the way I would recommend getting to Magens Bay. They know exactly where to go and are used to navigating the narrow, winding roads of the island.

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  • Magens Bay
    Danielle Fenstermacher
Magens Bay