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Mayto Beach

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A beautiful, unspoiled beach off the coast of Jalisco

Mayto, Jal.

Two hours south of the tourist hub that is Puerto Vallarta is Mayto Beach, a much lesser known option for those who prefer quiet and unspoiled surroundings. Mayto Beach is located at the end of a dirt road, one which would never give you a clue that you are headed towards a secluded paradise. The beach is located on the Costalegre coastline and can be easily reach from El Tuito. Aside from the endless coastline, the sunsets and sunrises are a true delight here, so make sure not to miss them!


There are many local restaurants located here to ensure you don’t go hungry around the Mayto and Tehuamixtle (a fishing community) areas, most of which offer seafood with a Mexican twist! (Try the fish tacos!)


The area around Mayto is completely rural as tourism has not yet caught up to it. The locals are friendly and even if they cannot understand your language, they will always warm up you day with a smile.


Camping at the beach is permitted for a small fee, a recommended place is “Rinconcito”, which offers a beachfront view, toilets, showers, cooking area and more for a very low price.