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The archaeological site from Roman times

Bulevar Cara Konstantina bb, 18003 Nis

Mediana is one of the most important ancient archaeological sites in the southern part of Serbia. It is located on the left bank of the Nišava river near the city of Nis. It is assumed that this complex was built as a luxurious holiday residence for Emperor Constantine and his successors.
The central building is a villa with amazing floor mosaics. In addition to this building, also unearthed were thermae, remains of a granary, craft center, villas as well as a system of water supply with an aqueduct. The complex dates back to the early fourth century AD and occupies 40 hectares.
The museum, located within complex, contains sculptures and portraits of Roman gods and goddesses, utensils for daily use and remnants of lead pipes used to provide healing hot water from the nearby Niska Banja (Nis Spa). Some items from Mediana can be seen in the Archeological Hall of Nis National Museum.

Opening hours

Archaeological site Mediana is closed for reconstruction.

How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Nis and to Mediana