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The most popular Catholic religious center in Southeast Europe

Ivana Pavla II, 88266 Medjugorje

Medjugorje is a village in the Municipality of Citluk in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Medjugorje is one of the most famous Roman Catholic shrines in the world. It became famous for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which first started in 1981, after this event, it began to develop tourism with religious purposes.

Since then, this Herzegovinian village near Sarajevo is one of the most visited tourist centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It attracts about a million Catholics from around the world every year. Unlike the Marian Shrine at Lourdes in France, the Shrine of Medjugorje has retained its original charm.

The church of Jacob sits n the center of the city. The present church was completed in 1969 in dedication to St. James Zebedee. The first church was built in 1897, but after the First World War, it became unusable because of instability. At the top of Hill Krizevac,there is a giant cross built in 1933 in honor of the 1900th anniversary of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The place is located between two large geographic areas: the mountains in the north and the seaside to the south. The 2000 meter-high mountain reserves the flow of Mediterranean air masses, creating favorable climatic conditions for the development of crops in the wider region of Herzegovina.

Medjugorje attracts a large number of young Catholics from around the world who gather in Herzegovina during the summer at the special annual youth festival.

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