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Medvednica Mountain

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Sljeme, Veternica, the Zrinski mine, Medvedgrad and many more amazing locations await you!

Medvednica 49240, Sljeme

Medvednica isn’t only a mountain, it’s also a Nature park. The park takes up the bigger part of the mountain, and cca. 63% of the park is covered with thick vegetation (forest).


The mountain is located north of Zagreb, and it’s one of the most visited tourist destinations in central Croatia. The highest peak of the mountain is Sljeme (1035 m).


Medvednica is a perfect place for relaxation. Go there for a nice hike, take some time and enjoy all the peace and nature.


As for Sljeme, it has a winter sports centre located on the northern slopes. This place is perfect for skiing, so if you’re not scared of the cold and you like winter sports, you will adore this place!


Another interesting tourist location on Mt Medvednica is the Veternica cave. Its main channel is 2622 m long, so there’s a lot to see and discover there! It’s also the 6th biggest cave in Croatia. If you’re a fan of bats, you’ll find this place amazing since this cave is home to 18 different species of bats!


You can also visit the Zrinski mine which started operatin around the 16th century. You might not find this so extreme or interesting, but mining was (and still is, honestly) a really dangerous and hard job. People used to work in shifts of 10-12 hours without any proper protective gear or the right tools. Thanks to the bad equipment, the mine never became a successful project of the Zrinski family. They had to close it down during the 17th century. Today it’s open as a tourist location and it’s also registered as protected cultural heritage of Republic of Croatia.


Another treat for the dear visitors of Medvednica is the amazign medieval castle on top of Mali Plazur hill. This castle by the name of Medvedgrad was built in 1254 and it has its own legend about the Black Queen’s treasure. If you happen to be there on the last weekend of September, you will see the old castle come to life thanks to an event called Medieval Days at Medvedgrad. They also have music evenings during July.


Mt Medvednica is truly an amazing place with many magical locations and ancient legends. If you like the combination of picturesque views and amazing stories, you will adore this place!


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