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Military Museum in Belgrade

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The largest museum in Belgrade

Kalemegdan bb, 11000 Belgrade
Entrance ticket is 150 dinars (approx. 1.25 eur/1.35 usd)

The fact that military museum is the largest museum in Belgrade and probably the largest one in Serbia, speaks much about Serbia. As one wrote on some humorous map on the internet – the constant war. Here you can see artifact from the prehistoric time to NATO aggression in 1999.
The Military Museum collects, studies and presents a variety of items for military use like weapons, uniforms, military flags, military documents and works of art with a military theme.
Military Museum is located on the first bastion of the southeastern front of the Belgrade Fortress in a building erected in 1924 for the Military Geographical Institute. You will easily notice the building since it looks like a castle. Surrounded by city walls and biggest park in Belgrade, Kalemegdan park, it is one of the symbols of the Belgrade fortress. In front of the museum are various types of tanks and cannons from WWI and WWII.

Opening hours

Every day except Monday 10:00 – 17:00

How to get there

As soon as you enter Kalemegdan park (from Knez Mihajlova street) and walk approx. 200m you will notice the museum building.