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Modrič Špilja
Modrič Špilja
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Check out this amazing natural beauty!

23243 Rovanjska, Croatia
Arrange a visit a couple of days earlier.

This cave can be found on Mt. Velebit. It’s located in Rovanjska.


Modrič Cave is a natural cave (after it was discovered, there were no man-made changes). It’s best if you don’t try to go in there alone, without a tour guide. Also, if you have some difficulties walking on difficult terrain, or if you have a child younger than 7 years old, this won’t be a pleasant experience for you.


The tour is approximately 2 hours long, so be prepared for that!


This is a truly exquisite experience. The cave is completely untouched by momdern technology. There are no built-in light sources, no paved paths, no ramps, nothing that could be tied to the modern ages.  When you enter this cave, all you see is true natural beauty!


Your tour guide will tell you all about the cave, but if you have any kinds of extra questions about anything, feel free to ask them! They will happily answer any of your questions!


This is truly an amazing opportunity for seeing nature in its original form, without any fixes, “improvements” or anything else humankind does to nature these days.

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