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Monastery Basarbovski

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Monastery Basarbovski

Besarbovo Village 1, Ruse
Ruse offer interesting Bulgarian dishes. Since the city is on the river Danube you can enjoy some local fish speacialties.
Go early in the morning to avoid big crowds.

Monastery Basarbovski is one of the most stunning and holy places in Bulgaria. It is located just next to the biggest city of Northern Bulgaria – Ruse and just south of the famous famour river in Bulgaria – Danube. The distance between the rocky monastery Basarbovski and Ruse is only 10 kilometers. The small town that is home of the monastery is also holding the name Basarbovo. The full name of the place is Saint Dimitar Basarbovski. This Christian-Orthodox monastery is located inside of a cave and close to the Rusenski Lom river. Monastery Basarbovski is only active rocky monastery in Bulgaria. This is a really surprising fact because Bulgaria is full with holy Christian churhces and monasteries.

Locals say that the place had been created in the 15th century when Bulgaria was still under Ottoman Empire slavery. The most famous occupant of the monastery was Dimitriy Basarbovski, who spent his whole life in this holy place. After he died his leftovers were buried in the local town. Later on the leftovers were moved to the Romanian church of St. Konstantin and Elena in Buchurest.

For a short period of time around the 19th century the monastery was left uninhabited until father Hrisant came to the place. He gave a new life to the monastery and if it was not for him we would never experience the power and the energy of the place. After he died he was buried in the monastery. The bottom side of the monastery is easily accesible. On the other side, in order to go to the actual rooms of the monastery you need to climb the cliff. There is a small road with steps (around 50 steps) that lead to the insides of the rocks. There are three rooms inside the rock that are open for the tourists. The main one which is located in the center is the biggest. On the left side of the main area you can buy some amazing souvenirs and candles. The opposite room/area is probably the most beautiful place in the complex. You can enjoy plenty of drawings and holy icons of saints inside this room.

Everyone that counts himself as Christian should come and visit this sacred place. One of these rooms was the home of Saint Dimitriy. Another interesting thing about the monastery is the water that comes from the draw well of the place. Locals believe that the water is healing. There are more than dozen of stories about the healing powers of the water. Women who cannot have babies are coming to drink from the water, people who cannot walk also drink from the water. In addition there are some stories about blind people who had washed their face and eyes and they suddenly started to see. Before few years the place was renovated with the help of Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian citizens who had visited the place in the past. On October 26, the monastery celebrates the day of Saint Dimitar and plenty of tourists visit the complex. Come and visit the monastery, you will not be disappointed.

How to get there

Ones you get to the city of Ruse you need to check for the street signs that lead to the village Besarbovo.