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Maulbronn Monastery

Photo credit: roger4336 / Foter / CC BY-SA
Maulbronn Monastery
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One of the best preserved monasteries in Europe

Kloster Maulbronn Klosterhof 5 75433 Maulbronn

Maulbronn Monastery is one of the best-preserved monasteries in Europe, it was founded in 1147. It was used for many purposes: in the Middle Ages, it was an important economic, political and social center. In 1556, it was converted into a Protestant Monastery school. In the year of 1993, it was added to the list of “World Cultural Heritage” and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since then.


Klausurgebäude (the enclosure building) and Portico are both worth a visit. Other interesting points includeFrühmessnerhaus, the house of the monk who celebrates the early mass.


Opening hours

March - October
09:00 - 05:30

November – February
Tuesday - Sunday
09:30- 05:00