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Monte Generoso, Lugano

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  • 1-2 km
  • Free
  • half day

Breath-taking views from the mountain’s summit – Hiking is a must

Monte Generoso, Calvagione
Summit restaurant and hotel

Monte Generoso is a beautiful mountain located in Lugano, off of the Swiss and Italian boarder. Part of the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments, it is known as the mountain with the most gorgeous views because it lies between the Lake Lugano and Lake Como and from the summit you can have stunning views of both Switzerland’s canton of Ticino, and the Italian region of Lombardy. About 1704m and a 40minute hike to the summit, this mountain is not a difficult obstacle and the route to the top is just lushly beautiful with unspoiled landscapes as far as the eye can see. Hiking can be done starting from several trail starting points in Bellavista, Capolago or Mendrisio. For those in more of a hurry to get to the top, the summit can be reached by cogwheel railway on Lake Lugano. Part of the Monte Generoso Railway, the trips start in Capolago, Switzerland, and come up to the mountain from the west. There is also road access for those that drive in from Mendrisio. Once you get to the summit however, is the view worth waiting for. In the north, stretching from the Materhorn and Saint-Gotthard Massif to the Bernina range, are the magnificently snow-capped Swiss Alps. Glittering blues from 4 different Swiss and Italiana lakes provide a panoramic vista while the city of Lugano and the Po Valley region with Milan complete the picture perfect views. Once at the top, you can also enjoy visiting the Monte Generoso Observatory for a bit of astronomy, spend some time in the über-romantic 20th century chapel or dine away in the summit’s top restaurant and hotel. There are many ways to enjoy Monte Generoso beyond hiking, including biking, paragliding, cave exploration and camping. There is no denying the beauty and romance of the Monte Generoso summit; you can enjoy it for a day hike or make it a weekend getaway.

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Cogwheel railway from Capolago, on Lake Lugano