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Monument of Cegar

By Todor ni (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0],via Wikimedia Commons
Monument of Cegar
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The monument of First uprising near Nis

Niska, Bobiste

On May 31. in 1809. on the hill Cegar, norteast from Nis, a battle took place in the first uprising of Serbian soldiers against the Ottoman Empire. Monument on this place was build in memory of soldiers and their commander Stevan Sindjelic who lost their lives in this battle. Monument has a shape of a tower, a symbol of Serbian military camp, with architecture elements characteristic for that period. It is a work of an architect Djulijan Djupon. Monument is a example of romanticism with decorative medieval elements. It was installed on June 1 1927, 50 years after liberation of Nis from The Ottoman Empire.