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Monument to the Unknown Hero in Belgrade

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World War I memorial on the Avala mountain

Avala mountain

The idea of raising the monument to an Unknown Hero occurred almost simultaneously in the most of the allied countries after World War I, as a general need to express gratitude to the warriors who died for freedom.
In 1922 on the Avala mountain people from the surrounding villages erected a modest monument in the form of a stone cross on the grave of the unknown warrior. Later, in period from 1934 to 1938, present-day monument was constructed after a project of the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.
The construction of the monument was initiated by King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and it was dedicated to the memory of the unknown hero and victims of the First World War.
The monument was placed at the top of the hill, with long access paths that lead towards two entries in the tomb. It is built of red granite, designed as a mausoleum, in the classical form of a large sarcophagus placed on the base of the six steps. On the both sides of the entrance are placed four granite caryatids – figures of women in traditional costumes of the Yugoslav peoples.

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How to get there

The best way to reach Avala mountain is by car. From the city center take a drive towards south, by the Bulevar oslobodjenja and then continue through Bulevar JNA streets.