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Morske Orgulje

Photo credit: MrSnooks via / CC BY-SA
Morske Orgulje
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Have a listen to this unique and relaxing sea melody in Zadar!

Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV, 23000, Zadar

Morske orgulje, or the Sea organ in English is a delight for everyone who loves to see or hear something unique.


It takes the shape of stone steps which are about 70 m long! The 70 m long shore is devided into 7 parts which are about 10 m long. Along these parts there are built-in pipes on a lower ebb tide level. When the water enters these pipes, the air which gets trapped inside works its way through to the big whistle-like elements, which then make differet sounds, making it sound like a weird but lovely music piece.


The Sea organ is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Zadar. People love it not only because of its unique music, but also because its looks. You can take amazing photos there! The stairs with the beautiful blue sea in the background looks simply amazing! Add a lovely sunset to the background and there you go, a perfect Instafram picture!


The Sea organ was built in 2005, and ever since then it’s been a huge hit! We definitely recommend visiting this amazing place, it’s lovely and unique! It can also be really romantic, so it’s the perfect place for proposing or confessing your feelings to your partner! If you decide to do so, we wish you the best of luck!


This place is definitely a tourist favourite and you will not be disappointed!

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