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The best preserved medieval fortress in Croatia

MotovunHouse Barbican ulica 52424, Motovun Croatia
Lots of restaurants with cuisine based on truffles.

It is best preserved medieval fortress of Istria peninsula and Croatia, which has been developed on top of a steep hill. In prehistoric times, the Illyrian and Celtic tribes built their fort on the site of Motovun. Its name is also of Celtic origin, and is derived from the word Montona, meaning city in the mountains.
Motovun is composed of three parts. At the top is the oldest part, below the “outskirts”, while the newer part of the “Gradiciol” is down the slope. The town has kept a medieval look. The main square from the 17th century is also a magnificent view of the surroundings. In summer, Motovun is home of Motovun Film Festival.
In Motovun forest can be found precious truffles, among the best in the world.

Opening hours

00 – 24, every day

How to get there

Higway Zagreb- Rijeka, and continue to Buzet-Roc-Motovun