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Mount Velebit

Mount Velebit
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Velebit is one of the most beautiful Croatian mountains, and a great place to hike.

Volarice 165a 53284 Sv. Juraj

Velebit is the longest mountain in Croatia, but not the highest one. It is 10 to 30 kilometers wide, with a surface of about 2200 km2 and the highest peak is the Vaganski peak which is 1757 meters high, and belongs to Dinara peaks.


Velebit has many marked paths and trails which connect the areas nearby and the mountain homes across Velebit. One of the most visited trails is the Premužićeva trail which was built between the two World Wars, and it connects the mountain home Zavižan, across the Big Alan with the door or Oštarije.


The mountain became one of the national symbols and it has been singed in one patriotic song. Velebit presents quite big obstacle in the communication between northern and southern part of the country.


Winters are harsh, summers are lovely, and the mountain represents a great choice for trekkers, hikers and all other people eager for adventure.


If you ever find yourself nearby, do not hesitate to take your gear and do some serious hiking, trekking while having fun in this natural paradise.

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How to get there

Take the highwas A1, exit at Zavižan - 17 kilometers further away, then just follow the road signs.

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  • Mount Velebit
Mount Velebit