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Photo credit: volimmak / Foter / CC BY
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Medieval necropolis with monumental tombstones

Mramorje in village of Perucac (Peručac)

Mramorje or Bagrusa is the late medieval necropolis with monumental tombstones, which are known as stecak. Necropolis is located in village Perucac near the town Bajina Basta. It is one of the best preserved necropolises in the Balkans and dates back from the fourteenth century.
Because of its great cultural significance, the site is under protection of the Republic of Serbia, as a cultural monument of great importance.
The necropolis was formed in the fourteenth century and had about 200 tombstones made of hard limestone. Some specimens reach a length of 2 meters, the width and height of almost 1 meter. Later research recorded 122 monuments, and the recent data show that there are only 93 tombstones. In excavated graves are found deceased of both gender and different ages.

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How to get there

By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Valjevo-Uzice exit Uzice and by road to Bajina Basta and Perucac