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Mt. Zion

Ben Dor A.
Mt. Zion
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Mt. Zion: One of the hills surrounding Old Jerusalem just outside the city walls. The term Mt. Zion has been used in the Bible as the location of King David's Tomb, Dormizion Church and the Coenaculum.

Mt. Zion, old Jerusalem
A Hat, good walking shoes, water, goodwill and the Bible are essentials for a fruitful visit.
Guided Tours from US$300/per day (9 hrs.) Food, Transportation, Tips and Entrance fees to the various sites not included.

Day 2: Mt. Zion – Ein Karem
We start our day with a visit to:

Mt. Zion: One of the hills surrounding Old Jerusalem just outside the city walls. The name Mt. Zion has been used in the Bible as the location for the City of David (Ancient Jerusalem) 2 Samuel 5:7, 1 Chronicles 11:5, 2 Chronicles 5:2 and 1 Kings 8:1 and later for Temple Mt., but its’ present location and for over 2 millennium, (transferred from Ancient Jerusalem), is now on the site of the name of old Jerusalem’s so-called Western Hill, recognized today by all as Mt. Zion.

Opening hours

09:00 - 17:00

How to get there

By foot, taxi, bus and private tour