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Murals of Belfast

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Reflection of the political changes in Northern Ireland

The West, North and East areas of Belfast have many murals to explore. However the West Belfast political murals are most popular among tourists
Be careful while you are clicking photos in deserted streets and look around well. While I didn’t experience anything untoward, my Cab Driver did site many recent incidents of tourists being hit by stones or soccer balls by the street vandals.
All Black Taxi tours charge almost similar amount. They normally charge 10£ per person for 3 person or more. For two they will charge 30£. You can choose any operator, they will take you around almost the same routes.

A visit to Belfast will be incomplete without visiting some of its world famous murals. A mirror of the political dynamics in Northern Ireland over the last decades, these murals tell a thousand stories of turmoil and mutiny.


There are many areas where one can see the Murals, the North, West and East Belfast. The area of Unionist, Shankhill and the area of Nationalist. Falls, is divided by Peace Wall in West Belfast and is most visited by tourists.


The famous murals to look out for are that of Bobby Sands on Falls Road, a member of IRA who died while on the hunger strike of 1981 while in prison; another one is at Shankills Road, popularly known as the Belfast Mona Lisa, is that of a gunman who appears to be aiming at you, no matter where you stand.

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There are Hop on Hop Off Buses which will take you around the main roads with Murals. However to get a detailed view and many more Mural Streets take one of the famous Black Taxi Tours.

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