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Photo credit: Pierre-Selim Huard
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The most notable of the archaeoligical sites in Sian Ka'an

Muyil or Chunyaxché is an ancient Mayan site located inside the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. It is the most notable out of the 23 archaeological sites found in Sian Ka’an. Muyil is an example of Peten architecture, also found in more famous cities such as Tikal in Guatemala.


The settlement extends over an area of almost 40 hectares and only a few of the buildings have been excavated. Artifacts found here date back to 350 BC,  making it one of the earliest inhabited cities in the coast of Quintana Roo. El Castillo, the main building, is the highest pyramid in the Riviera Maya.


Muyil Lagoon is located at one of the ends of the cities and it is accessible to public. The lagoon has a viewpoint that offers spectacular views of the lagoon and ruins together. Visitors can travel through the lagoons and the canals nearby. While the lagoon is gorgeous, there is much more to it as it proves that Muyil had strong connections to Coba.