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Muzej Iluzija
Muzej Iluzija
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This place will trick your mind and you won't mind it one bit!

Ilica 72, 10000, Zagreb
adults: 40 kunas; children from 5 - 15: 25 kunas; family ticket: 100 kunas (2 parents with children)

This museum is unique and fun for everyone!


It plays tricks on your mind, but in a really fascinating and fun way! They have a couple of rooms with different kinds of exhibits, all of them quite unique and interesting. In one room you can climb in a small box, the people on the other side will see your head as a dinner served on a platter. In another room you’ll see countless images of yourself, since it’s a mirror room. There’s also the tilted room where your sense of balance is tricked so you always have the feeling that you’re falling. In another one you and your friends can stand in a line and your height will seem different on the photos. All in all, there are many fascinating rooms in this museum and you will have a bunch of fun if you visit them. It will be an experience you will never forget!


One thing we should mention is their souvenir shop. They have cute and fun little gadgets you can play with. There are many kinds of puzzles, as well as keychains, shirts, bags and many more. The souvenirs aren’t cheap, but they are really fun and good quality. I bought myself a keychain many years ago in that museum and it’s still in one piece and without any fadings or damage to it. So yes! Their souvenirs have been tested, and approved!


The tickets aren’t too pricey, so if you’re in search of a fun place with many interesting things to check out, this will be the perfect place or you!


Also, this is probably the one museum which doesn’t have the “no touching the things in here” policy. You are encouraged to touch and try everything as well as take photos of it all!

Opening hours

always from 9:00-22:00 (except on the national holidays)