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Muzej Vučedolske Kulture
Muzej Vučedolske Kulture
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Discover Vučedol Culture Museum and reveale its importance and impact on today's life!

Trojstvo ul., 32000, Vukovar

Vukovar is one of the richest cities when it comes to cultural heritage. This museum is only one of the many evidence for that.


This museum is dedicated to a single historical era, the Eneolithic era. It spread through Europe, but this museum is the only one which dedicated itself entirely to it.


It’s full of many interesting artifacts as well as many very useful information about Europe and about the Eneolithic era! The most famous item they have on display is the Vučedol Dove, which became a very well known and important motive in Croatian culture. There is not one person or child who doesn’t know what the Vučedol Dove is. It’s made out of baked clay and with all the symbols it looks simply stunning.


The museum has a really cute souvenir shop, so don’t be shy and visit it! The price of the tickets is average.


This museum is full of interesting information, so if you want to learn something new about the history of Croatia or Europe, you will love this place!

Opening hours

Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-18:00 Monday: closed