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Narrenschopf Carnival Museum

Photo credit: sdaponte / Foter / CC BY-SA
Narrenschopf Carnival Museum
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Leanr about the Swabian Alemannic carnival

Narrenschopf im Kurpark, Luisenstraße 41, 78073 Bad Dürrheim

Narrenschopf Carnival Museum is located in the Bad Durrheim’s Spa Gardens and it consists of 400 figures of the Swabian Alemannic Carnival. Life-size characters with different masks from the original carnival which are displayed in the museum. All of these come from not only the Black Forest, but from entire region of Swabian Alemannic Carnival that includes the Upper Rhine, Danube, Baar District, Hegau, Neckar-ALb and the Upper Swabia regions. A whole lot of information on the origin, traditions along with the diversity of figures and the development of the carnival is provided for visitors.


Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday
14:00 - 17:00