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National Museum of Slovenia, in Ljubljana
National Museum of Slovenia, in Ljubljana
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The oldest Slovenian museum

National Museum of Slovenia
Prešernova 20
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Free admission to the museum each first Sunday in the month!
Adults: 6.00 EUR
Seniors, Students and Children: 4.00 EUR
Family tickets: 12.00 EUR

The National Museum of Slovenia is the oldest of all Slovenian museum institutions, as it was found on 15th October 1821 and is working ever since.

The National Museum of Slovenia is home to many exhibitions of cultural heritage of Slovenia.


Exhibition objects in National Museum of Slovenia are represented in six departments:

Archaeological Department is the oldest of specialized museum departments in Slovenia. It contains numerous artifacts from Slovenia and a small collection of objects from Egypt (even a mummy). One of the most important findings is the 45,000 year old Neanderthal bone flute from Divje babe (one of the most well known archaeological site in Slovenia). Other valuable historic findings are displayed here as well.
Department for History and Applied Art contains objects that bear information about the past. More than 48,000 objects are in collection at this time.
Numismatic Cabinet is the only and the central institution of its kind in Slovenia. Around 80,000 objects are stored in this collection, among them coins, banknotes, medals and counterfeits.
Graphics Cabinet contains examples of the graphic arts.
Department of Conservation and Restoration is divided into two parts. The archaeological part of the department conserves and restores archaeological metal, waterlogged wood, numismatic items, textile, glass, and pottery. The applied art section of the department conserves and restores historical weapons and military equipment, furniture, paintings, and crafted objects of metal, glass, pottery, and organic material.
Library is home to older materials and printed matter of particular historical importance. Attempts are made to gather as many books as possible from the fields of numismatics, archaeology, applied art, cultural history, museum studies, and conservation.

Building of the National Museum of Slovenia
The National Museum of Slovenia is located at the same building as the Slovenian Museum of Natural History.

Museum building was built in 1888 and it has a Neo-Renaissance style, which was created as a combination of different architectural plans and a few builders. Interior design and paintings are created by famous Slovenian painters Janez and Jurij Šubič. The monument of Johann Weikhard von Valvasor is placed in front of the museum.

Park of National Heroes (Trg narodnih herojev) is now in front of the museum and the Tomb of National Heroes is located in the south part of it. The Monument is shaped as a sarcophagus located in the tomb.

The Park is also a great place for nature lovers, as various trees are planted here. Among them are some unique plant species. Chestnut Avenue, located near the park, is a natural monument.

Opening hours

Daily from 10:00 to 18:00
Thursdays from 10:00-20:00

How to get there

By foot: Take a walk from Kogresni square, continue to Šubičeva street, pass The National Heroes Square and turn right on the Prešernova street.
By bus: Take bus 14 or 18 and exit on the bus station Cankarjev dom. Take a walk along Prešernova street for around 200 meters and you will see the museum on your right.