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National Museum Toplice

Narodni muzej Toplice1". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons Wikimedia
National Museum Toplice
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Interesting Regional National Museum

Ratko Pavlovic 31, 18400 Prokuplje
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National Museum Toplice is a regional national museum that was founded in 1948 in Prokuplje and today is housed in the building of the Old Post Office, in the main street, of a national hero Ratko Pavlovic Cicka. The part of the archeological collection is dedicated to the Toplice uprising of 1917 and the National Liberation War during World War II, ethnological collection with the city behind, and two galleries. The building where the museum is located was built in 1925 and is protected as a cultural monument. National Museum Toplica from 2009 participates in the manifestation Museum Night, with six projects. In recent years, under the leadership of the Museum have been archaeological investigations at several sites. In July 2008, was discovered the remains of Roman baths from the third century BC  in the courtyard of the city’s church of St. Procopius, and at the site of the causeway, which belongs to the Vinca culture, traces of which indicate that here lay oldest found so far, the center of metallurgy in Europe. In early autumn 2009, construction began on the archaeological park with the reconstruction of a Neolithic village in the Plocnik. Within the museum, today there are two galleries. One of them (Gallery of the National Museum Toplice) is located in the museum building and built in 1978, by  adaptation and extension of the museum building, in which participated the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Nis, and its collection now includes more than 250 works of art. Gallery Boza Ilic”, is located in the city’s pedestrian zone, Jug Bogdanova Street and formed in 1996, and since 1998, the Museum has hosted art colony Memorial Boza Ilicwithin which is awarded the prize Boza Ilic”.

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday 9 – 16 h

How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis-Leskovac, exit Merosina and by road to Prokuplje