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Kozara National Park

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A National Park protected for its cultural and natural values

Vuka Karadzica 43, 79 000 Prijedor (seat of national park)

Kozara National Park is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1967, it was declared a national park to protect its cultural, historical and natural worth. 


Kozara encompasses the area of Mrakovica, encompassing several plateaus. Some of its important peaks are: Gola Mountain (876 mamsl), Rudine (750 mamsl), Jarcevica (740 mamsl), Glavuša (793 mamsl), Besica Poljana and others.


The park contains hot springs and rivers (Mljecanica, Mostanice, Kozaracke Rijeke Starenica), which maks  Kozara  a hydrographic hub. The National Park is surrounded by many rivers as well, such as Una River, Sava River, Sana, River and Vrbas River.


Wildlife strives here and some of the animals that inhabit the area are wild boars, wild rabbits, wild cats, foxes, squirresl, badgers, mink, martens, weasels and many others. Kozara is the home to a large number of bird species; hawks, sparrow-hawk, owls, wood pigeons, doves, magpies, nightingales, woodpeckers and sparrows abound in the territory.


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How to get there

Drive: Sarajevo-Travnik-Banja Luka-Kozara