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Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Ivan Vazov National Theatre
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One of the most beautiful buildings in Sofia

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Ivan Vazov National Theatre is one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. Also, this is one of the most vivid places in the city – people come here, meet in the park, play chess, take photos, watch the fountain and others. Even if they do not enter the theatre and watch a play, they are still involved in cultural activities and also have fun.


A lot of concerts and other interesting cultural events often take place in front of the theatre.


The National Theatre was opened on 3 January 1907, but on 10 February 1923, during a performance, a fire started and destroyed the theatre. The southern wing of the building was destroyed during the World War II, but the theatre survived as a cultural institution through the decades and now is a place with an essential role in the social life of the city.


The theatre carries the name of the writer who is considered to be the Patriarch of the Bulgarian literature – Ivan Vazov.


The design of the building was made by the Viennese architects Ferdinand Felner and Herman Helmer, who are known as the ‘opera architects’ because of their experience in designing such buildings. The two of them participated in the building of more than 50 theatres in different European cities. This is the reason for the classic, elegant and European appearance of the National Theatre, which makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings.


In the theatre, you can see the performances of one of the best Bulgarian actors in a huge variety of Bulgarian and foreign plays. An interesting fact is that the curtain in the big hall of this theatre has the impressive weight of 350 kilograms.


Ivan Vazov National Theatre is a must-visit place in Sofia even if you do not go in to watch a play. The beautiful building, the fascinating fountain, the flowery gardens in the warm days and the vivid atmosphere around make this place unique and attractive.

How to get there

The building is located in the centre of the city, approximately two minutes away from the Presidency and the Bulgarian National Bank.