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Nature Park Golija

Photo credit: brian395 / Foter / CC BY
Nature Park Golija

Amazing Biosphere Reserve

Park prirode Golija

Nature Park “Golija” is protected area with the aim of preserving the value of the forest ecosystems, landscape diversity and its exceptional beauty, cultural goods and their surroundings (Monasteries Studenica and Gradac). It covers an area of 75 183 hectares.
This area was declared for a nature park in July 2001, and a part of the park (area 53,804 ha) was listed on the UNESCO program “Man and Biosphere”.
Nature Park Golija is considered as geological heritage of Serbia with rare endemic and relic species, unusual and attractive relief forms and numerous water phenomena such as mountain springs, streams and bog lakes.
In addition to a number of important species of mammals (mole rat, alpine shrew, brown bear, wolf, fox), there is also a significant number of bird species (e.g. Forest lark, partridge, red-legged prudnik).
Medieval monasteries Studenica and Gradac are part of the Nature Park.

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How to get there

Road Belgrade - Cacak - Ivanjica and follow the signs for Golija Nature Park.