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Nature Park Jegricka

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Protected nature park

A few kilometres northeast of Temerin
Some of restaurants with local cuisine in Temerin

Nature Park Jegricka located on the territory of Vojvodina near Backa Palanka. It covers an area of 11 144 hectares. Under the protection of the state as a significant protected land region. Nature park is in the middle of the flow Jegricka River. It is located in Backa, and here dominate the river, marsh and swamp habitats. The area is overgrown with reeds, hydrophilic meadows and soils. It is located at an altitude of about 70 meters. The climate is temperate continental, summers are long and hot, and winters are often severe. The main waterway is Jegricka, which is part of the territory of four municipalities and is protected by law because of the exceptional natural features. In the park are located 80 species of aquatic and wetland plants, many of which are protected.

Opening hours

Every day 00-24

How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Novi Sad, exit Novi Sad and to Temerin