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Nature Park Papuk

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Nature park of big geological and forest value

Papuk Croatia
Some restaurants with local cuisine

Park Nature Papuk is situated in the mountainous forested areas of Papuk mountain, and was declared as a nature park in 1999. It became part of European and world associations of Geoparks and the first Geopark in Croatia in 2007. Geomorphologic, climatic and vegetation characteristics of this Nature Park provide excellent natural habitat for numerous plant and animal species. Forest vegetation covers more than 96% of the area. The dominant tree species is beech. Here live almost all representatives of Central European fauna, but 200 years ago, this area was also inhabited by bears, wolves and lynxes. Today, the dense forests of Papuk are habitat and refuge for deer, roe deer, wild boars, foxes and martens …

Opening hours

every day during daylight

How to get there

Highway Zagreb- Lipovac, exit Nova Gradiska and continue by road to Pozega-Velika-Papuk