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Ponjavica Nature Park

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Protected nature park

Between villages Omoljica and Banatski Brestovac near Pancevo

Ponjavica Nature Park is a protected natural area in the municipality of Pancevo, between Omoljica and Banatski Brestovac, on the left bank of the lower course of the river Danube. In Serbia, the legislation categorizes it as a nature park and has been protected by the state since 1995. Nature Park Ponjavica is characterized by contrast of coast in orographic terms between left and right bank of Danube. In geological terms, it has the highest elevation and sections of Banat loess terrace or flattened terrains alluvial plain of the Danube. It is protected a total of 10 km of flow and approximately 134 hectares. The wetland system has community of reeds and sedges. The vegetation includes white willow, poplar and over 100 more species of plants.

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How to get there

By road Belgrade-Pancevo-Omoljica