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Nature Park Sargan-Mokra Gora

Photo credit: "JZ-83-173 mokragora2" by Herbert Ortner, Vienna, Austria - own digital image. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.
Nature Park Sargan-Mokra Gora
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A beautiful protected nature park

Nature Park “Mokra gora”, 31243 Mokra Gora

Nature Park “Sargan – Mokra Gora” physically belongs to the Dinarides, and within them, to Starovlasko-Raska highlands, a region in southwestern Serbia. From a total of 722 species and subspecies of flowering plants and ferns of the region, 6.2% are endemic and subendemic. The largest number of endemic species belongs to the group of Balkan elements that push the boundaries of the Balkan Peninsula. Here, for example, you can find Yugoslav Bellflower, Croatian Micromeria, Panciceva spurge, Serbian onions, hawkweed, toadflax and many other endemics. In watercourses which are belonging to cold salmon waters, most often encounter barbel, brook trout, bleak, and one representative of the lamprey. Deeply carved gorge Suvi stream is squeezed between a plump hills and enclosure, as well as gorges which are unique wilderness areas.

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