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Zumberak-Samoborsko Gorje Nature Park

"Gorjanci" by Andrejj - lastno delo/self-made. Licensed under

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Zumberak-Samoborsko Gorje Nature Park
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A nature park full of wildlife

Žumberak - Samoborsko Gorje Croatia
Located only thirty kilometers southwest of Zagreb,  Zumberak-Samoborsko Gorje Nature Park’s sights include the hills of Zumberak and Samobor.

Zumberak Hills mark the natural border between Slovenia and Croatia. The top peak is Sv. Gera, which stands at an altitude of 1178 meters.

Samobor Hills are remarkably less higher than Zumberak Hills, with the highest peak Japetic standing at 880 meters tall. According to their geological age, the oldest rocks in the park dateback to the Paleozoic Era (over 250 million years ago).

The hills’ structure is dominantly composed by dolomite, which are sediments from the Triassicand Cretaceous Ages. These minerals created the rubble that covers as much as 90% of the park. Many superficial and deep karst forms can be found here, from sinkholes and bays to caves, pits and more.

How to get there

Road Zagreb-Samobor-Sosice